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Don’t miss the revolution! Don' be left out!
ABCN is set to invade Boston for their 19th Annual Strategic Summit. Are you with us?

This year's Strategic Summit will take the Business Center industry by storm with focus, fun and information sharing at a whole new level. The Mobility Worker has arrived and is reshaping our industry with amazing speed; and every attendee at this year's Summit will leave with a cart full of tools enabling them to execute a brand new strategy to meet the ever-growing demands of this new and expanding client base.

This year's Alliance Strategic Summit will share a unique and dynamic owner focused forum setting – with information guaranteed to transform our industry and the way you manage your business. From carefully developed web tactics with new service revenues, to classic networking and the next big Industry breakthrough, this year's Strategic Summit will leave no stone unturned when it comes to the Mobility Worker revolution and the changes that it is causing.

So join the best and the brightest 'revolutionaries' as they participate in an unprecedented Business Center industry event that will deliver everything you need to succeed now and into the future; you'll keep you one step ahead of your clients, and two steps ahead of the competition, while you're at it.

Register Now for ABCN's 19th Annual Strategic Summit October 12-15, 2011 where special accommodations and pricing have been arranged at the spectacular Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers in Boston, MA.

Stay tuned for more, or contact Toshi Maeda at; [email protected] for additional information. See you in Boston!