CMS (Content Management) Package

The Content Management System is easy to use, enabling the insertion, editing and removal of various sections on the website. One example of how a content management system could help your business is the ability to update the site yourself without the need to call on the design agency.

Building a website is one portion of a web-based strategy. Often, the challenge is how to update your website content to keep it current. Our web-based approach allows for easy content updating, without downloading software, FTP programs, graphics programs or page editing software.

  • Complete custom business website design with the option of two edits of the layout
  • Conversion of finalized layout to an attractive, fast-loading site with CSS
  • Website navigation component with rollovers and optional drop down menus, if required
  • One custom index page
  • News/Blog/Calendar
  • Two custom forms
  • All the text (provided by you, electronically) and external hyperlinks of your choice within the text
  • Meta Tag implementation. Tags provided by customer.
  • Faviocon URL Icon Logo added to your website
  • Publication to your host/server
  • One minor revision per page for the first three months
  • EPS logo must be submitted by client. This package does not include identity package or logo redesign.
  • Project duration: 12-15 working days

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